Seven Funniest Movies You Will Never Forget

Seven Funniest Movies You Will Never Forget

Is there a single person who doesn’t love to laugh hard watching a comedy movie? And since laughing is good for health, you can laugh out. There are numerous movies which you will love to watch again and again.

Here is a list of seven such movies which you can never forget. Just read on.

The Interview – 2014

The Interview-2014

Even Goldberg’s movie, ‘The Interview’, became popular as a comedy movie where two people, the most under qualified, Skylark and Rapoport, go through numerous mishaps and other incidents. This movie was built up in a way which poked North Korea, but this will make laugh every time.

Pain and Gain – 2013

Pain and gain

This violent, dark and hilarious comedy was directed by Michael Bay. It did not win awards, but made us realize the proposition of watching Wahlberg. And it was truly entertaining.

Clerks – 1994


Being directed by Kevin Smith, this movie was his lo-fi debut which brought the unique stripes. It shows that a person with camera and awesome imagination can make a movie.

The Trip – 2010

The trip-2010

This trip was taken up a bad habit two friends and together they enjoyed their plans in many ways. But differences were seen by them and it was quite problematic. You may like to watch it again.

Submarine – 2011


No doubt it is the best creation by West Anderson. But he did not make it all by himself. In fact, when you watch such a movie, you will have a feeling of complete elegance.

Zoolander – 2001


This movie by Ben Stiller is a must watch for those who love to watch the off bit movies. The ridiculing male duo is such a part that you will never forget.

Heathers – 1988


The great creative piece by Michael Lehmann is not that funny on the written paper. But the different territory in which it takes the audience is amusing. You can enjoy this dark comedy if you look for some different kind of funny movies.

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