9 Thrilling Selfies Taken Just before the Tragedy

Selfies are more dangerous than Russian roulette


No one but us takes responsibility for our lives and it’s pretty naive to expect someone to save you while you’re acting like an immortal superhero.

But to be fair, the price these guys paid for brief lightheadedness is too heavy.

Nonetheless, it makes for a good list (or a lesson).

9 Thrilling Selfies Taken Just before the Tragedy

1) Door selfie

This picture looks weird even for those who don’t know the full story.

Oscar Reyes put on Sponge Bob costume and climbed the door. It wasn’t the end of this freaky and sad story, because after posting the photo, Oscar fell off the door, broke his head and bled to the death.

The photo gained 200 likes.

Oscar Reyes Door selfie
Image credit: Huzlers

2) Funeral selfie

This stylish woman was very inspired by her new look in this black hat and black dress. And she didn’t want to wait for a magic owl carrying an invitation to a red-carpet.

She took all the selfies she could, paying no respect to the dead. Note her hashtag #stillsmile that makes the whole thing even more disgusting.

Hope they got some champagne at the ceremony.

Funeral selfie
Image credit: Instagram

3) Underwater selfie

James Crowlett’s honeymoon was almost over. He was flying home that day but he went to the ocean for the last dive and the last selfie.

Unfortunately for James, he met a hungry shark which bit off his leg a moment after he took this selfie.

Beach rescuers fished James out, but he died at 34 on the way to the hospital.

Underwater selfie
Image credit: Caliser

4) Bridge selfie

17-year-old Ksenia Igantyeva was a novice roofer who conquered one of her first railroad bridges. This construction wasn’t the hardest among ones she had been climbing before, but this apparent simplicity killed her.

Emotions-filled teen lost concentration and fell down from 30 feet height. At some point she tried to save herself clutching a random cable, but it was a live wire. She died before hitting the ground.

She died before hitting the ground.

Bridge Selfie Ksenia Igantyeva
Image credit: Mirror

5) Gun selfie

21-year-old Mexican guy Oscar Aguilar considered himself a criminal kingpin showing his friends his new gun.

He thought it would be much cooler to post on facebook a picture of him aiming in his own head. What could be dumber?

He forgot (or simply didn’t know) that the gun was loaded, so this half-baked gangster shot himself. The fact that Oscar was drunk explains much.

Oscar Aguilar Gun Selfie
Image credit: Telegraph

6) Car selfie

Girls are girls. They can’t live without singing, playing, chatting and doing lots of other uncareful things while driving the car. And taking selfies became one of the most tempting baits. Nothing seems to be exemplary enough to change their attitude. So this story is the very last signal.

Collette Moreno and Ashley Theobald were hit by an oncoming car while they were overtaking a truck a few seconds after they posted this pic.

26-year-old Collette (the passenger) died from the head injuries.

Collette Moreno and Ashley Theobald Car Selfie
Image credit: Worldnow

7) Motorcycle selfie

Ramon Gonzalez, aka Jadiel, was a famous Puerto Rican reggae artist crazy about bikes and his passion killed him. This selfie was taken a minute before he died in a road accident in Rochester, NY.

His fans called him “El Tsunami” and he lived a fast and furious life to maintain his “speedy” image and this addiction destroyed him.

Ramon Gonzalez Motorcycle Selfie
Image credit: Nextermedia

8) Marauder selfie

After Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by the terrorists in the Eastern Ukraine, locals picked up amidst the wreckage everything they believed was valuable. Soon they were offering the items via social media, taking selfies near the mutilated bodies of the passengers to prove the origin of the goods.

“Mascara from Amsterdam, from the field to be specific, if you know what I mean,” that’s how this woman promoted her bloody lot.

Marauder selfie
Image credit: instagram

9) Pre-suicide selfie

18-year-old Chinese girl Lee Jia Yao documented her final days in details. She posted selfies and wordy explanations of what had led her to such a tragic decision on Instagram, blaming her ex and promising to haunt him wherever he would be, but no one took it seriously.

Finally, she jumped to her death from the tall building. As you can see, Lee Jia Yao was very beautiful and her boyfriend – whoever he was – definitely wasn’t her last chance.

Lee Jia Yao Pre-suicide selfie
Image credit: Viralscape

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