9 Mayhems Caused by Pokémon Go Hysteria

Reasons why Pokémon Go must be labeled as an extreme sport.

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Quirky marketing experts aren’t the only ones who are doing their best to invent the most profitable methods of exploiting a sensational Pokémon Go app. Criminals from all over the world have already outrun them, instantly adapting the app to their dirty goals. The crowds of players should look like a flock heading to a slaughter-house for them. On the other hand, Pokémon Go hysteria is far away from its peak, and there are a lot of people who still have no concept of the game and respond to the players they meet unpredictably.

9 Mayhems Caused by Pokémon Go Hysteria

1) Sex offender teams up with children

Kids have always been the easiest victims of evil-doers. Today they have tons of spare time to search for pokémons, so it’s not a surprise that a sly pervert from Indiana played Pokémon Go along with nearby children. Being on probation for sex offence, the criminal was audacious enough to take a lead of a crowd of boys and girls just outside the local courthouse. The cops saved on gas at least.

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2) Players mistaken for burglars

It sounds like a scene from the Coen Brothers movie. Two teens played Pokémon Go in their car in Florida in the middle of the night. Suddenly a man went out of the house and opened fire on them. Luckily, the lads drove away safe and well.

It turned out that the shooter mistook them for burglars, because he heard one of the teens asking another if he got anything?

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3) Pokestop robbers

Pokestops gained popularity as reliable baits among petty criminals from different countries. They’re setting up their lures at Pokestops using geolocation to attract players and then rob them at gunpoint. Four teens robbed eleven pokémon hunters in Missouri in this way.

The whole gang was arrested, but the “technology” is spreading over other regions.

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4) An unfair competition

You’ve probably heard about a desperate New Zealander who left his job to hunt pokémons, but some gamers went much further. A 22-year-old man was stabbed in the shoulder while he was playing Pokémon Go near a convenience store. The police officer suspects he was sliced by his angry rival who was catching the creatures in the same area.

Does “Catch ‘em all” transform into “There can be only one” before our eyes?

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5) Distracted drivers

In addition to texting-and-driving road police got another huge source of headache represented by the guys who play Pokémon Go while driving.

In Baltimore the driver was so distracted by catching them all that he didn’t notice a police car on his way. Another careless man in Alabama crashed his car into a tree while using the app. A multi-vehicle collision on the Australian highway was caused by the same irresponsible behavior.

6) Meanwhile in Russia

Russian authorities discuss the possibility of banning Pokémon Go inside its territory, because “people must be taken away from the leading to devil-worship virtual world”.

Such statement sounds weirdly when we talk about the fears of the nuclear-weapon state. Nobody will be surprised, if they’re training their air defense artillery to shoot down Daenerys’ dragons.

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7) MMA celebration

MMA fighter Michael “Venom” Page celebrated his magnificent knock-out by “capturing” his unconscious rival lying on the octagon floor with a pokeball. This viral promo action was found  unethical by the viewers, but who cares in the context of the global madness?

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8) Long Island brawl

A full-scale fight burst out on a Long Island bank when a group of Pokémon Go players tried to kick away other competitors from the virtual hotspot. No arrests have been made. Maybe it was too hard to classify the case properly in a charge sheet.

Hope Pokémon Go aggression won’t trigger off World War III.

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9) Get me and my Meowth down of the tree

A player from New Jersey called 911, being unable to climb down the tree where he was catching another Pokémon. We don’t know whether he was chasing Meowth or not, but it could make the whole story much funnier.

Two men in California fell from a 50-feet bluff over the ocean. They were rescued by firefighters, but these situations remind The Prodigy music video where people are running blindfolded. It’s quite evident that more serious incidents are just a matter of time.

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