7 Awesome DIY 4th of July Party Ideas for Grown-ups

4th of july party ideas
4th of july party ideas

We’re all about red, white and blue this coming week. Set the Fourth of July celebration with these awesome DIY party ideas. This list is quite simple, one for your patriotic wall and festive decor, and some easy food and desserts. We’ve also included some simple red, white and blue cocktails because these beverages just take the whole festive theme to the top!

Warning: These drinks/cocktails/recipes are not for kids.

1.  Outdoor Party Decor

If you’re hosting a party in your home or apartment with your friends, officemates and family, there are three things that make up a Fourth of July Party – red/white/blue decor, booze, and great food. Focus on decorating everything with the 3 colors, such that it all shouts so loud with the fireworks.

How about this simple outdoor deck:

Outdoor Party Decor

Source: decoist

Deck the walls with these red/blue/white paper chains.

4th of July Party Decor
Source: acultivatednest

Have a pool? Fill it up with these glowing balloons! You’ll need those battery-powered LED lights. See instructions here.

4th of July Party Decor
Source: pinterest

2.  Patriotic Gallery Wall

You have to have a Patriotic Gallery wall! Apart from hanging a big U.S. flag in your living room, how about fill up the wall with these red, white, and blue paper pinwheels? Deck it with lots of these paper fans for a perfect selfie spot for your guests. Here are easy instructions on

Deck it with lots of these paper fans for a perfect selfie spot for your guests. Here are easy instructions on how to create these patriotic paper fans.

Patriotic Gallery Wall

Grab some old blackboard and draw your own chalk art. Easy DIY and you can be as creative as you want.

Patriotic Gallery Wall
Source: pinterest

3.   4th of July Pizza

What’s a party without pizza?! Here’s an excellent Fourth of July Pizza recipe from Giada de Laurentiis.

4th of July Pizza
Source: exploregram

4.   Patriotic Drinks/Cocktails

Can you resist these colorful shots? It’s really easy to make. You’ll need cranberry juice for the red layer, pina colada for the white mid part, and blue Gatorade. Of course, if you want that patriotic shot, pump it up with Blue Curacao and vodka!

Patriotic Drinks and Cocktails
Source: pinterest

For a cooler drink, create a sherbet version of this patriotic grenadine layers.

Patriotic Drinks and Cocktails

5. 4th of July Mason Jars Decor

Check out these cool mason jars decor! They’re super easy to do and looks great on the party table. You can use them as silverware holders or as centerpieces.

4th of July Mason Jars Décor 1
Source: Pinterest

6. Red White Blue Jello Desserts

These layered Jello desserts are easy to make, but you need to prepare it overnight.

Red White Blue Jello Desserts
Source: smartschoolhouse

7. Buzzed Fruits

Do this the night before the party so that the cherries will soak in the vodka really well. Then melt some vanilla chips, dip the cherries in it and then dip them into the blue sugar sprinkles. Watch the reaction of your guests as they gobble up the fizz!

Buzzed Fruits

You can also use the same recipe with strawberries. Here’s the recipe for Buzzed Strawberry Bites. You can use rum or any alcohol you want.

Buzzed Fruits 1
Source: frostingandsmile

Featured image credit: Cosmopolitan

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