6 Diseases You Have Hardly Heard About

6 Diseases You Have Hardly Heard About

Are you aware of tree man syndrome? There are many such diseases from which people from all over the world are suffering from. You have hardly heard about them for sure. Here is a list of some hardly known diseases, around the globe.

The Vampire syndrome:

Vampire syndrome

This is a disease, XerodermaPigmentosum, found in one among the millions of people. It makes skin sensitive to sunrays and chances of skin cancer are present in these patients at a high rate.

Tree man syndrome:

tree man syndrome

In this syndrome, brown scaly warts appear on the skin. It gets into worse condition, while they are exposed to the sunlight.

Werewolf Syndrome:


This was mainly found in past as people generally suffering from this disease, hardly had an idea about the remedy. But now the laser fair removal is referred as the remedy to the patients.


Cotard’s Delusion:


It is one of the rarest mental disorders when a person starts to believe that s/he has missing body parts like, brain, heart etc. They take themselves as dead and do not take food or shower, and love to spend time in the cemeteries among the dead.

Water Allergy:


Some people, are found, who have the problems of itchy hives as well as welts, exactly after exposure to water.

Sweating sickness:


It begins with the sense of apprehension and headaches, shoulder and limb pain, cold and violent shivers come up with it. If this severe sweating goes on, it may lead eventually towards death.


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