5 Extremely Fascinating On-Screen Celebrity Transformations for Movies

On-screen celebrity transformations for movies with the upmost perfection

Heath Ledger Transformation to Joker

Movie celebrities are no stranger to makeup and special affects. Their job description is to embody the role they play. In most cases, that means going through extremely fascinating on-screen transformations.

Some of the pull it off without any fanfare and don’t raise many eyebrows. But the list we have created for you today will highlight the celebrities that have pulled off their on-screen transformation with the upmost perfection.

5 Extremely Fascinating On-Screen Celebrity Transformations for Movies

1. Heath Ledger’s on-screen transformation to Joker

Heath Ledger Transformation to Joker
Source: Wikipedia and Flickr

What became undoubtedly Heath Ledger’s legendary and career defining performance, his role as the Joker was the best ever on-screen Joker played by an actor – hands down.

2. Tom Cruise’s on-screen transformation to Les Grossman

Tom Cruise transformation to Les Grossman
Source: Wikipedia and Zimbio

If you don’t remember, Tom Cruise made a ridiculously hilarious cameo appearance in Tropic Thunder. Most people are surprised when they find out that the half balding, gorilla hairy and always cursing character of Les Grossman was actually Tom Cruise, the heartthrob. The idea behind the character to make him look like a human penis and let’s just say that they succeeded.

3. Mariah Carey’s on-screen transformation to Ms. Weiss

Mariah Carey's on-screen transformation to Ms. Weiss
Source: Wikipedia

One of the simplest on-screen transformation was Mariah Carey’s portrayal of Ms. Weiss as a social worker in the movie Precious. The amazing thing about the transformation is that all Mariah Carey had to do was to deglamorize. She brought a lot of authenticity to the role of a social worker by looking worn out and applying very less makeup.

4. Brad Pitt’s on-screen transformation to Benjamin Button

Brad Pitt's on-screen transformation to Benjamin Button
Source: Wikipedia

Who can forget the fascinating on-screen transformation of Brad Pitt to Benjamin Button in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Not only was it a treat to watch him portray the unusual story, it was a pure work of art to witness him go from old to young. Given that it took a lot of make-up and special effects, at the end of the day, it was pulled off with immaculate perfection.

5. 50 Cent’s on-screen transformation to Deon

50 Cent's on-screen transformation to Deon
Source: Wikipedia

Who knew 50 Cent can turn itself into a Dime, I mean Deon. In the movie All Things Fall Apart, 50 Cent was casted to play the role of a football player who is suffering from a deadly disease. To portray the character, 50 Cent lost 54 lbs. It’s fascinating how weight loss can change the appearance and entire body structure.

So what’s your favorite on-screen celebrity transformations for movies?


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