11 Unexplainable Photos of Subway Passengers

Cherry from ‘Planet Terror’, Anthony Hopkins from Russia, and 9 other passengers you don’t expect to see riding the subway.


We travel by subway daily, but we don’t turn attention to the people around till they disturb us somehow. Here are 11 reasons why we’re wrong. The subway is like a parallel universe with its own magic, charming and freaky characters. And for an average rider, going from home to office, they sadly stay unexplainable.

1) One-legged Cherry from ‘Planet Terror’

one-legged Cherry from ‘Planet Terror’

This woman is a prototype of one-legged Cherry from ‘Planet Terror’ with a machine gun instead of an artificial limb. She survived after the rise of the zombies and hides now. Yes, maybe it’s simply her style or the party was so hard that she lost her shoe like Cinderella. Anyway, the true explanation should be fascinating.

2) A glitch in the Matrix


They are probably solving their crosswords in the same directions. The funniest thing is that these grannies didn’t spot each other. People around them should have though they were filmed by a hidden camera. The woman between even pretended to be sleeping.

3) She’s transporting her kitty in a strange way

She's transporting her kitty in a strange way

We don’t wanna know where she’s transporting her kitty in this strange way because the answer can be disgusting. But do you know who is even weirder than this photo? The guy who took it. The only thing that can excuse him, the kitty meowed very loudly. It proves again we’ll never fully understand the Japanese.

4) Let’s part on the subway


This is the most unexplainable one. Russian cops are pushing the table set for a party through the car. We can even see some glasses of vodka. What are they celebrating and why didn’t they choose a more suitable place? Poor passengers evidently bear no relation to the officers and their debauchery.

5) Meet gangsta babushka

Meet gangsta babushka

This is a typical ‘meanwhile in Russia’ photo. Old lady headed to get her pension and she took a good old AK-47 to avoid any kind of collision. Would you be surprised to find out that the photo was taken by her pet bear?

6) This babushka is a 100% Anthony Hopkins look-alike

This babushka is a 100% Anthony Hopkins look-alike

Is it just me or does this babushka is a 100% look-alike of Anthony Hopkins?

7) Old lady is riding dirty


We don’t even try to explain how she parked inside the car and moved through all escalators and ticket barriers. Probably she couldn’t explain it too. Pure reflexes. It must have been an interesting movie if someone checked the video from the security cameras.

8) Walking the turtle


Nothing strange. The man is simply walking the turtle. Probably they’re going home from the park. It’s quite understandable, but why did he keep the turtle on the lead? It’s a turtle! It can’t run away unless someone gives it a tiny jetpack!

9) Privacy please


He just wants people around to respect his privacy. Nothing wrong with it, everyone needs to stay alone from time to time. But the prop he chose is a little bit doubtful. Or he is an actor, preparing for a role in ‘The Elephant Man’ sequel. Though this strange melon helmet makes him look more like a second-rate villain.

10) Bazooka


If you are thinking it’s Russia, it’s not. The photo looks more like a GTA or another videogame screen, but it’s real. Surely, the bazooka is fake, but imagine this man explaining to the alarmed cop that he carries a big toy. And the passengers around should find it worrisome, to say the least.

11) Freddy Krueger


The next station is Elm Street. This man doesn’t look like a person going to a Halloween party. Actually, he isn’t cosplaying Freddy Krueger intentionally. He just enjoys the same striped sweater and has similar appearance. This style is very useful when you’re a school teacher or your neighborhood children are playing too loudly when you want to have a nap.

Now try to tear yourself away from your mobile devices and look around. Maybe you’ll be lucky to spot another weird passenger that will make your day.

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