11 Shockingly Racist Commercials from the Last Few Years

Beyonce is among those who suffered

There’re many compilations of disgusting racist commercials from the first half of the 20th century. It’s generally believed people became wiser and more tolerant since then, but questionable campaigns like the ones you’re about to see prove we still have a long way to go.

1) Chinese Detergent

Chinese wife evidently isn’t impressed by her black husband. And it’s not because he beckons her by whistling like she’s a dog. This unexpectedly racist housewife wants a white man, so puts her unlucky painter into the washing machine and pour some amazing detergent. And – hocus-pocus- she gets what she wants.

Perfect detergent for the women of the Third Reich.

2) Coloreria Italiana

A reversed version of the Chinese whitening. See how weirdly racial stereotypes work in different countries.

A white man in Italy has no chance to seduce this hot beauty. She colors the loser to turn him into a big black guy from the ghetto.

The slogan is: Colored is Better.

Note that Chinese advert starts with the Italian-style tango melody. It spits out what Asian creators were inspired by.

3) L’Oreal whitening Beyonce

Light skin helps L’Oreal and other brands sell more products, that’s just a fact.

To keep selling more, L’Oreal altered Beyonce’s face to depict her as light as possible.

L’Oreal denies all accusations and maintains it didn’t alter Beyonce’s image.

Just take a look at the photos one more time.

L'Oreal Beyone
Image credit: Time

4) Volkswagen Polo

To begin with, this commercial was banned, so it’s not listed as the official Polo video.

But it’s likely that the initial idea of the creators was making it viral without any TV broadcasting. If it was so, they won, because a suicide bomber of Arabian appearances trying to blow up a peaceful European café got more than one million views on YouTube.

5) PlayStation

Sony wanted to introduce its “white” line of PlayStation and it concluded that the best way to present it to the world is to tip toe around white vs. black debate.

In its billboard advertisement, it depicted a white woman dominating a black girl.

Slogan: White is coming.

PlayStation Portable White is coming
Image credit: Wikia

6) Mountain Dew

The first part of this goat commercial was funny, but the copywriters probably thought they needed something more shocking to keep the attention. The identity parade with a goat and black suspects only looked like a racist feast.

It was even dubbed as the most racist commercial ever, but those who think so simply haven’t watched Chinese vignettes.

7) Nivea

Nivea brought to the light its version of Darwinism. According to it, black men must re-civilize themselves.

The message was clear: a well-dressed African-American man throws away an Afro hairstyle head of his previous (should be understood as defective) personality.

Nivea stopped this campaign soon, admitting it was offensive and inappropriate.

Image credit: Tumblr

8) Intel

These banners were recalled before the release, but some of them went public anyway. It looked like a straight allusion for a planter sponging his muscular black slave to everything.

The word “employees” in this context seemed to be a premeditated mockery.

Image credit: Bilerico

9) Microsoft

Polish Microsoft department managed to checkmate their rivals replacing an African-American guy on their board.

Hope he got compensation with a large number of zeros.

Image credit: Cracked

10) Some Russian Sunroom

Maybe they didn’t tell this poor sandwich man what he was promoting.

The sign that he is holding says “Sunroom Studio. I have sunburnt there.”

Image credit: Live Internet

11) KFC

A black girl comes to Thailand. She doesn’t know the language, she is absolutely alone, but her big-hearted schoolmate invites her to get some snacks.

And guess where they go. Bingo – KFC!

Luckily, this kind Thai girl didn’t take her new friend to the watermelon patch next.


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