10 Alien Landscapes on Earth

Archipelago of Socotra - Yemen

Archipelago of Socotra - Yemen

1 -. Archipelago of Socotra – Yemen Bathed by the waters of the Indian Ocean, is known for being a place of fiction. Comprised of four islands, has been declared World Heritage by diversity ecological and strange species of plant and wildlife , as this tree called Drago that grows between 150 and 1600 m altitude. .

Caverns of Ice Eisriesenwelt - Austria

2 – Caverns of Ice Eisriesenwelt – Austria Located in the mountainssurrounding the town of Werfen , Austria, these are the caves of ice larger world. Extending about 40 km and have an open space for tourists. .

Salar de Uyuni - Bolivia

3 – Salar de Uyuni – Bolivia is the mirror of the largest salt World . It extends about 120 miles , with active volcanoes and geysers. A landscape “unrealistic” fact salt . .

Rio Tinto - Spain

4 – Rio Tinto – Spain A landscapesurreal characterizes this city of Andalusia , whose waters are red due to the minerals . .

Moon Valley - Brazil

5 – Moon Valley – Brazil Formations Rocky arising from pools natural , that is the Valley of the Moon , in the state of Goiás . They are the oldest rock formations on the planet, made of quartz and crystals .

Kliluk Spotted Lake - Canada

6 -. Kliluk Spotted Lake – Canada In just over 15 hectares covered by the lake comes a phenomenon naturally , in summer, the water evaporates and crystallizes forming small pools of color impossible and white borders. .

Dry Valleys - Antarctica

7 – Dry Valleys – Antarctica are valleys that form one of the desert ‘s dry world, as they are hit by the katabatic winds , which reach speeds exceeding 300 miles per time. .

Current Warmblood - Japan

8 – Current Warmblood – Japan is one of the (jigoku) of Beppu . Nine Great -spa baths . The landscape includes a lake of red water and hot , colored by the iron in the liquid . .

Stone Forest - China

9 – Stone Forest – China is a large group of huge stones of dark color in the form of sharp needles , created after centuries of erosion. .

Richat Structure - Mauritania

10 – Richat Structure – Mauritania ‘s an accident geographical singular located in the desert of Sahara and has drawn attention from the earliest space missions because it forms a rare porthole on the monotonous expanse of desert .

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