7 Weirdest Traditions All Over The World

Various traditions are found all over the world and here you will get a list of seven weirdest traditions, you have hardly known ever. Feeding The Dead-Rome This tradition is found in the burial grounds of Vatican, Rome. These graves contain pipes leading towards outside of the Graveyard. Honey, food staff and wine were supplied […]

10 Weirdest Dishes You Have Ever Tasted

Do you love to experiment with food? In this entire world a huge variety of bizarre or too scary foods are available. Among them ten weirdest and intriguing foods are here.These 10 weirdest dishes are almost from every part of this world, and these will give your stomach a different feeling. Fugu – Japan Fugu, […]

These 7 Females Have Enough Reasons to Boast of Their Wealth

They have more than enough! They have everything and are the envy of many- friends and foes. These females have attained the glam of enlisting their names in the list of female billionaires of the world. Let us have a glimpse of these 7 richest ladies. The Top 7 Female Billionaires Elizabeth Holmes– She is […]

10 Honest Slogans for Advertisements of Popular Brands, Really!

The biggest brands in the world have certain trademark slogans that they are associated with. Below are a few ads of popular companies but with slight twist in the slogan which depicts how the brand is perceived cannot be put in words. The famous potato chip brand’s slogan, but with a twist! Doesn’t this slogan […]

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