3D Chalk Art Illusionary Drawings

3D drawings out of chalk are works of art that are 2 dimensional. And when they are drawn on the streets they provide an additional 3rd dimension that gives them an optical illusionary effect when viewed from a certain angle. A few such optically deceptive images are listed below. This 3D optical illusion of Santa […]

9 Child Celebrities – Then and Now

Would it not be interesting to see how our favourite child stars have grown up to be? And do we still recognise them? Drew Barrymore She played Gertie in the film ‘ET’ back in 1982 and now is a famous and bankable star. Angus T Jones This child star from ‘Two and a Half Men’ […]

8 Astonishing Facts About the Human Body

The human body is an efficiently running machine that is at work from the day it is born. This is an astonishing fact truly! But apart from that there are many unknown and astonishing facts of the human body which you would like to know. The saliva produced in a lifetime by an average person […]

8 Creative Ways To Put Old Tires To Use

Old tires are often discarded without giving them as much as a second thought. But what if we show you creative ways to put them to use? Two tires can be painted in bright colours and then those can be stacked with a glass table top fit on top. It will make an interesting coffee […]

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